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"Author Ruth Smith has done a masterful job of putting together an in-depth, understandable United States history curriculum that is particularly well suited to home education."

--Mathew Lewis

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"It's not about memorizing dates, it's about how God used people and nations for His Story. I'm so thankful my children are learning History this way, actually all three of us are now."


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"The Mighty Works of God History curriculum was an absolute joy for my children to read."

--Malia Russell

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"Learning is life long! I have learned and gleaned so much from the resources that Pilgrim Institute has available. I have fallen in love with Providential history and the richness in the material available for our children to help instill a biblical worldview. I still have a long way to go in teaching and learning this approach but am continually inspired and drawn to it. Thankful that we never stop learning and that God gives us wonderful teachers and resources such as this!"

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“Best elementary history curriculum and so much more. Thought provoking and reasoning based are just a few of the reasons I chose The Mighty Works of God series for my children. Good to teach how God has moved throughout all of history.”

Homeschool Mother

 A Providential History Series
for the Home and School
How can your student love history?

"I used the Mighty Works of God for all four of my school-aged kids. The Teacher's Manual helped me see how to apply the Principle Approach to a lesson. I was able to take the leading idea from each lesson and expand it for my older children...

"Divine Providence gave me a basic curriculum from which to work. You identified principles and leading ideas and provided questions for reasoning and reflection. As a busy mother of several children, this was a huge time saver...The CD of notebooking pages was another timesaver...

"I believe many families are drawn to the Principle Approach because they want to teach their children to think and reason from the Bible...It takes time to learn the principles and how to extrapolate leading ideas from the lessons. That's why I believe the Teacher's Manuals to The Mighty Works of God series are so valuable." --Diane, Homeschool Mother

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Self Government Self Government
Primary Level
(1st or 2nd grade)

Primary level students begin their mastery of His Story by learning that the heart is the key to self government. Building on this understanding, students trace the principles and practice of self government throughout history, focusing on Christ, the center of history and the One who made the way for individual, Christian self government. They follow the westward movement of the gospel to Europe, the Word of God becoming available to the English people, and the subsequent discovery and colonization in North America, where the principle of individual self government became the foundation for local self governing cities, states, and our nation.

The Teacher's Guide provides ready-to-use lessons focused on leading ideas. Students are not expected to memorize information. Rather, their hearts and minds are challenged as they recognize the truths of history and their application to men and nations today.

Using Reflection and Reasoning questions provided in the Teacher's Guide, the parent or educator leads student discussion concerning cause and effect relationships, providential events, rich examples of character and conscience, and consistent Biblical thinking.

Cultivating Student Mastery questions encourage the students to record the main ideas in writing, with grade-level appropriate emphasis.

Student Activity Pages, incorporating full-color, original illustrations from the student text, provide a variety of written work, including maps, coloring pages, and charts which the students will use to compile their own, personalized, individual notebook.

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lj cover Liberty and Justice for All
Elementary Level
(2nd or 3rd grade)

Realizing that history is God's Story, and that liberty is a gift from God, students trace the foundations and development of liberty, originating with the author of liberty, God Himself. Students learn about significant events over the course of history, with particular attention to the growth of liberty during America's colonial, revolutionary, constitutional, and pioneer periods. The final chapters highlight the Statue of Liberty, exploring Antarctica and the Arctic, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

The user-friendly Teacher's Guide provides everything you need to bring history to life for your student: background material to enrich your understanding, discussion questions to encourage reflection and reasoning, suggested student notes, student mastery questions, and a wonderful variety of full-color student activity pages.

As students read, discuss, and record, they build their understanding and appreciation for the birth of liberty in the heart of the individual, in homes and churches, and eventually our nation. The heroes of liberty come to life as they read engaging narrative and consider the sacrifices of our forefathers as they struggled for liberty -- before and after Christ, in the days of first-century Christianity, in the lives of the Bible translators, and particularly in the discovery, colonizatiation, and establishment of a nation with liberty and justice for all.

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Divine Providence Divine Providence
Middle Elementary Level
(3rd or 4th grade)

God's care, control, plan and timing of events is highlighted over the course of history. Specific notice is given to the origins of nations, God's law, Christianity's answer to man's pagan ideas, and the influence of Scripture upon the course of history. Following the account of North America's exploration and colonization, considerable attention is given to divine providence and the American Revolution. Students continue their study with the remarkable period of invention and westward expansion, the World Wars, and a look at our motto, "In God We Trust."

The Teacher's Guide gives a wealth of resource material for both teacher and student. Well-organized Reflection and Reasoning questions enable the parent or educator to present leading ideas that will transform their student's thinking. The charts, diagrams, suggested student notes, maps, full-color activity pages, and student mastery questions, support a well-organized presentation of both information and thoughtful reflection which leads to mastery and an appreciation of God's hand in history.

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SGWUTG Self Government with Union
Elementary Level
(4th or 5th grade)

 Built on the foundational ideas of Self Government, Liberty and Justice for All, and Divine Providence, Book Four of The Mighty Works of God series leads the middle to upper elementary student to consider influential ideas of history and liberty:

• Individual self government (practicing Christ’s first great commandment)
• Self government with union (practicing Christ’s second great commandment)
• The law of God and the law of man
• Liberty and law for men and nations
• Documents of self government and liberty
• Working out self government with union
• Preserving self government with union through the Civil War
 •Looking to the future of self government with union 

This Teacher’s Guide continues the tradition of providing valuable background information for the parent or teacher, to enrich and inform their understanding regarding the principles of self government and liberty.

Direction is given for conducting meaningful discussions to encourage reasoning between teacher and students. Students are encouraged to build their grasp of the ideas of history, the principles involved, and the present-day application of these principles for themselves and their future.

Complete instructions are given for a wide variety of written activities to further student mastery. Students will analyze documents, evaluate the character and contributions of historic figures, create timelines, write simple essays, conduct research on a topic, exercise reasoning, express their thoughts in writing, compare and contrast, and learn to appreciate America’s rich heritage of voluntary union.

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