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Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations Introduction Video

Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations Introduction Video

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Principles to Live By

Principles to Live By

Mrs. Jeanette Whittaker

principles to live by

An exchange took place recently on social media between Mrs. Ruth Smith, our ministry founder and president, and a former student who now calls herself a mom of many. Both are dear to me, so I smiled to see my friend, the mom of many, thank Mrs. Smith for the teaching she shared years ago in a high school classroom. The mom of many summed it up perfectly as “principles to live by.”

In a world of conflicting views and clamorous voices, confusion is more common than clarity. Choices with far-reaching consequences are made simply on the whims of opinion.

How does one remain grounded in such a society? He must have principles to live by. He must focus and discipline his thoughts in a manner that exercises right thinking. He must define right from a proper authority. He must submit himself to that which should truly govern his decisions, and therein lies the difficulty.

By nature, we want our own way. We prefer ourselves over others; or we prefer to impose ourselves upon others for our own purposes.

The conflict of life, that internal alignment of the heart and mind to that which should truly define our thinking and actions must rule in place of our preferences. That alignment may be thought of as a conscious effort to submit ourselves to those principles by which we should live. Those principles aren’t man-made or contrived; nor are they forced upon us against our will.

Out of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, one must seek the leading of the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God, to discover the mind of God. Discipline must be exercised with vigilance, always considering the unchanging principles of truth and righteousness which bring order in the midst of chaos, healing for brokenness, and hope that is founded on Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

On your journey of life, we would look forward to ministering to you as you search for those principles by which you will live.

Remembering the Price He Paid

Remembering the Price He Paid

CalvaryLast night I had the privilege of enjoying the Passion Play presented by Northside Baptist Church in Elkhart, Indiana. My heart was stirred with the beautiful music and retelling of the great sacrifice Christ made for each of us in His death on the cross, but then the glorious resurrection which completed the payment for our sins.

This wonderful presentation reminded me again of why Christ must be the focal point of all of our teaching. During His life on this earth, Christ’s followers thought he had come to set up an earthly kingdom, but He had come for something much greater.

Christ came to change the hearts of men and gave to each of us the means of His government in our lives and actions. This “internal” government brought changes which literally “turned the world upside down.” With Christ and Christianity, man could govern his own actions and have less need for external government.

This change took centuries to bring forth a nation which was built upon the idea that man could govern himself.

My prayer is that Christians will remember Christ’s great sacrifice and the wonderful liberty He gives to us first internally and then, as American Christians, the nation which was designed to protect that liberty. While bombarded on every side with “man’s ideas”, let’s remember Christ and not forget our heritage. Though men may deny Him, we must protect and preserve the Biblical principles of our land.

May God give each of you a blessed Easter season.

When Society Crumbles

When Society Crumbles  by  Jeanette Whittaker

Society seems to be crumbling away in an alarming fashion. Without clarity of thought, it would be tempting to believe that enacting legislation, drastically rearranging the roles of our citizenry, or restructuring American institutions offer the only path to order and peace.

When Society Crumbles

Such is not the case.

The structure of a peaceful and orderly society, a society in which an individual has the liberty to pursue his happiness, is founded on straightforward, unchanging truths.

For 230 years, the nation has survived external threats and unforeseen dangers: scarred by the conflict, and sometimes wiser for having endured the storm.
So as we struggle to endure the conflict of our day, we must not be tempted to focus only on overcoming the dangers that threaten us from without, we must also look with care upon threats that come from within.

Choosing to neglect or ignore the fixed, primary, operative, foundational principles which are both timeless and enduring will cripple and destroy us.
For roughly two generations, Americans have questioned and debated our founding principles. Questions and debates are now things of the past. Instead, today–

Life is not valued.
Conscience is trampled.
Property is at risk.
Unity does not seem possible.

Left with nothing to provide stability, we foolishly believe that a new and better society may be had by some new and untried means.

Perhaps you realize the inherent fallacies of this thinking. If you have grounded your views in a Biblical perspective of God, man, and how man is to be governed, you understand that individual self government is necessary to support liberty.

For over three decades, Pilgrim Institute has walked alongside parents and grandparents, Christian leaders, and concerned citizens from all walks of life, equipping them to make a difference in their spheres of influence.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the resources which will clarify your thinking and strengthen your influence, now is the time to act. Find the resources which will best help your family, your friends and acquaintances, and most of all – you.

Visit Pilgrim Institute today.

Standing on Principles

Standing on Principles

As I watched brief news coverage on the Supreme Court hearing involving the religious liberty of such groups as the Little Sisters of the Poor, it reminded me of the challenge faced by the colonists in 1773 concerning the tax on tea. When the colonists refused to pay the tax, since they had no representation, a plan was devised that the tax would be absorbed, so that the tax would be paid, but the colonists would not pay the tax.

Capitol Bldg

Thinking this would satisfy the colonists, Benjamin Franklin wrote: “They have no idea that any people can act from any other principle but that of interest; and they believe that three pence on a pound of tea, of which one does not perhaps drink ten pounds in a year, is sufficient to overcome all the patriotism of an American . . . “ “They did not rise up against the paltry duty because they were poor and could not pay, but because they were free and would not submit to wrong.” The same principles apply today. Organizations and individuals are being asked to sacrifice their principles, even though the cost is being hidden. We must stand on those principles even as did the founding fathers of our nation. May the Lord guide the hearts of the Supreme Court, even as He can turn the heart of the King.

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