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Remembering the Price He Paid

Remembering the Price He Paid

CalvaryLast night I had the privilege of enjoying the Passion Play presented by Northside Baptist Church in Elkhart, Indiana. My heart was stirred with the beautiful music and retelling of the great sacrifice Christ made for each of us in His death on the cross, but then the glorious resurrection which completed the payment for our sins.

This wonderful presentation reminded me again of why Christ must be the focal point of all of our teaching. During His life on this earth, Christ’s followers thought he had come to set up an earthly kingdom, but He had come for something much greater.

Christ came to change the hearts of men and gave to each of us the means of His government in our lives and actions. This “internal” government brought changes which literally “turned the world upside down.” With Christ and Christianity, man could govern his own actions and have less need for external government.

This change took centuries to bring forth a nation which was built upon the idea that man could govern himself.

My prayer is that Christians will remember Christ’s great sacrifice and the wonderful liberty He gives to us first internally and then, as American Christians, the nation which was designed to protect that liberty. While bombarded on every side with “man’s ideas”, let’s remember Christ and not forget our heritage. Though men may deny Him, we must protect and preserve the Biblical principles of our land.

May God give each of you a blessed Easter season.

Christmas Greetings from The Pilgrim Institute

The joy of Christmas is found in exalting Christ. As we think about our individual lives and our families, we marvel at the way Christ works on behalf of His people.  

Keeping Christ the focus of our lives is tremendously important. As a ministry, it is always a blessing to hear that teaching the truths of Christianity has changed a person’s life. A ministry friend recently shared an account that confirmed the value of our teaching. In the course of a conversation at work, a co-worker recalled his education and described it as being from the principle approach. Being well-acquainted with our family, the friend asked her co-worker if his teachers and education had come from Pilgrim Institute. As she expected, his answer was, “yes.” 

It has been about 20 years since this young man was taught by Pilgrim Institute, but he continues to value what he learned. His story could likely be repeated by many others-those who have directly received Pilgrim Institute training, and those who received teaching from a parent, teacher, pastor or friend who had received Pilgrim Institute training.

As the Lord continues to lead the ministry forward, we believe the message of Biblical teaching will equip many others to see the difference Christ and Christianity can make in the hearts of individuals and in the future of our nation. The battle for our nation has only intensified in recent years. As we move forward, it is important to remember that the only solutions are the Biblical principles of individual and local self government.

We are looking forward to the new ministry outreaches scheduled to be launched early in 2011:

  • A blog designed specifically to lead new contacts through the process of discovering what the principle approach offers for families, educators, and concerned citizens
  • Pilgrim Institute training offered online 
  • In addition, we have the opportunity to pursue another publicity campaign promoting the Mighty Works of God history curriculum for children. A long-time ministry friend has compiled a list of influential people and organizations who might take an interest in promoting the books. Special funding will be required in order for the campaign to take place, so we are praying for the needed finances. The 2010 publicity was helpful, and we believe this campaign would be even more promising.

Every activity of the Pilgrim Institute ministry is made possible through prayer, financial support, and the important involvement of our ministry friends.

Knowing that you value the principles of liberty, would you prayerfully consider joining with us in ministry for the coming year? The ministry is supported through the gifts of friends who share the vision and believe that teaching the message of Biblical thinking is the only antidote for the secularism that is overtaking both families and our nation.

If you would like to make a gift, you may make a contribution online.

Please know that a special end-of-year gift or regular financial support would truly be a blessing.

If you’d like to communicate with us regarding this opportunity, we would be glad to hear from you. Email us at Info@PilgrimInstitute.org, or call us at (574) 277-1789.


The Blessings of Liberty

The blessings of liberty in our nation are predicated upon distinctive, Biblical principles. These principles are revealed in our nation’s Christian History and reflected in our Biblical form of government.

As these principles have been forgotten, our nation has drifted from her strong foundation. Since 1979, Pilgrim Institute has offered a continuing training program for individuals desiring to reclaim America’s Christian History and relate a Biblical phosophy of government to every aspect of daily living. This training has demonstrated its effectiveness in the Christian home, the Christian community, and the home or school classroom.

For Schedule and Course Descriptions, visit the Pilgrim Institute website: Pilgrim Institute Training

Elections have Consequences

Elections have Consequences

by Ruth Smith

The idea that “elections have consequences” is a concept that many forget. Today the main election we are hearing about through interviews and ads is the Presidential election. Each candidate is endeavoring to present himself or herself as the “best” person to lead our nation for the next four years. The field is vast, from a declared socialist to those who identify themselves as conservative.

Noah Webster Quote Elections consequences

Do “we, the people” know what a “socialist” is? We see young people, especially college-age young people flocking to follow the siren call of this individual. Or what does it mean to be a “conservative”? To one individual for what a conservative stands may mean one thing and to another it means something different.

Whose responsibility is it to determine what each candidate represents? Or to know how this candidate will govern? Is it the one who has the loudest voice?

As a Christian, do we only look for the one who says he is a born-again Christian? History reveals that isn’t the only basis by which we should choose a candidate and can bring poor results? On the other hand, how important is it that the candidate stands for the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all as stated in the Declaration of Independence?

Our forefathers understood from the very beginning that our nation could only stand if people of integrity and principle were chosen to be the leaders and make the laws by which we would be governed.

Following is a quote from Noah Webster in his Letters to a Young Gentleman. The content may not be easy reading, but rings true yet today:

In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate – look to his character as a man of known principle, of tried integrity, and undoubted ability for the office.

“It is alleged by men of loose principles, or defective views of the subject, that religion and morality are not necessary or important qualifications for political stations. But the Scriptures teach a different doctrine. They direct that rulers should be men who rule in the fear of God, able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness. But if we had no divine instruction on the subject, our own interest would demand of us a strict observance of the principle of these injunctions. And it is to the neglect of this rule of conduct in our citizens, that we must ascribe the multiplied frauds, breaches of trust, peculations and embezzlements of public property which astonish even ourselves; which tarnish the character of our country; which disgrace a republican government; and which will tend to reconcile men to monarchy in other countries and even in our own. . . .”

More to follow in a later post.

Do you know the principles upon which this nation was founded? Do your children know? Do your friends and neighbors know?

Study Kit

Pilgrim Institute has designed a great DVD study for restoring this foundation – check out the details for Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations.


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