American Republic

We Have a Choice by Ruth J. Smith

Our forefathers paid a great price for liberty. Are we willing pay a price to restore and preserve that liberty for our children and grandchildren? Or are we willing to sacrifice it on the altar of ease and socialism?

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President’s Day

  In celebration of President’s Day, enjoy reading Abraham Lincoln’s words regarding George Washington. “…away back in my childhood, the earliest days of my being able to read, I got hold of a small book…[The Life of Washington]. I remember all the accounts there given of the battle fields and struggles for the liberties of […]

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Spiritual Liberty is Causative to Religious and Civil Liberty by Mr. James Rose

Spiritual Liberty is Causative to Religious and Civil Liberty By James B. Rose, President American Christian History Institute The Christian history of America testifies that no enduring religious or civil liberty would exist if there were no Christ or Christianity! This remarkable link between Christianity and religious and civil liberty is understood when one contrasts […]

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Elections have Consequences

Elections have Consequences by Ruth Smith The idea that “elections have consequences” is a concept that many forget. Today the main election we are hearing about through interviews and ads is the Presidential election. Each candidate is endeavoring to present himself or herself as the “best” person to lead our nation for the next four […]

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Thanksgiving Produces Thanks-Living

AMERICAN CHRISTIAN HISTORY INSTITUTE EAGLE’S AERIE James and Barbara Rose  THANKSGIVING PRODUCES THANKS – LIVING Part I Christian Self Government produces Local Self Governing Christian Homes, Churches, Communities. Self Government is explained in I John 3:24: “He that keepeth his commandments DWELLETH IN HIM, and HE IN HIM. And hereby we know that HE ABIDETH […]

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