When Society Crumbles

When Society Crumbles  by  Jeanette Whittaker

Society seems to be crumbling away in an alarming fashion. Without clarity of thought, it would be tempting to believe that enacting legislation, drastically rearranging the roles of our citizenry, or restructuring American institutions offer the only path to order and peace.

When Society Crumbles

Such is not the case.

The structure of a peaceful and orderly society, a society in which an individual has the liberty to pursue his happiness, is founded on straightforward, unchanging truths.

For 230 years, the nation has survived external threats and unforeseen dangers: scarred by the conflict, and sometimes wiser for having endured the storm.
So as we struggle to endure the conflict of our day, we must not be tempted to focus only on overcoming the dangers that threaten us from without, we must also look with care upon threats that come from within.

Choosing to neglect or ignore the fixed, primary, operative, foundational principles which are both timeless and enduring will cripple and destroy us.
For roughly two generations, Americans have questioned and debated our founding principles. Questions and debates are now things of the past. Instead, today–

Life is not valued.
Conscience is trampled.
Property is at risk.
Unity does not seem possible.

Left with nothing to provide stability, we foolishly believe that a new and better society may be had by some new and untried means.

Perhaps you realize the inherent fallacies of this thinking. If you have grounded your views in a Biblical perspective of God, man, and how man is to be governed, you understand that individual self government is necessary to support liberty.

For over three decades, Pilgrim Institute has walked alongside parents and grandparents, Christian leaders, and concerned citizens from all walks of life, equipping them to make a difference in their spheres of influence.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the resources which will clarify your thinking and strengthen your influence, now is the time to act. Find the resources which will best help your family, your friends and acquaintances, and most of all – you.

Visit Pilgrim Institute today.

Christmas Greetings from The Pilgrim Institute

The joy of Christmas is found in exalting Christ. As we think about our individual lives and our families, we marvel at the way Christ works on behalf of His people.  

Keeping Christ the focus of our lives is tremendously important. As a ministry, it is always a blessing to hear that teaching the truths of Christianity has changed a person’s life. A ministry friend recently shared an account that confirmed the value of our teaching. In the course of a conversation at work, a co-worker recalled his education and described it as being from the principle approach. Being well-acquainted with our family, the friend asked her co-worker if his teachers and education had come from Pilgrim Institute. As she expected, his answer was, “yes.” 

It has been about 20 years since this young man was taught by Pilgrim Institute, but he continues to value what he learned. His story could likely be repeated by many others-those who have directly received Pilgrim Institute training, and those who received teaching from a parent, teacher, pastor or friend who had received Pilgrim Institute training.

As the Lord continues to lead the ministry forward, we believe the message of Biblical teaching will equip many others to see the difference Christ and Christianity can make in the hearts of individuals and in the future of our nation. The battle for our nation has only intensified in recent years. As we move forward, it is important to remember that the only solutions are the Biblical principles of individual and local self government.

We are looking forward to the new ministry outreaches scheduled to be launched early in 2011:

  • A blog designed specifically to lead new contacts through the process of discovering what the principle approach offers for families, educators, and concerned citizens
  • Pilgrim Institute training offered online 
  • In addition, we have the opportunity to pursue another publicity campaign promoting the Mighty Works of God history curriculum for children. A long-time ministry friend has compiled a list of influential people and organizations who might take an interest in promoting the books. Special funding will be required in order for the campaign to take place, so we are praying for the needed finances. The 2010 publicity was helpful, and we believe this campaign would be even more promising.

Every activity of the Pilgrim Institute ministry is made possible through prayer, financial support, and the important involvement of our ministry friends.

Knowing that you value the principles of liberty, would you prayerfully consider joining with us in ministry for the coming year? The ministry is supported through the gifts of friends who share the vision and believe that teaching the message of Biblical thinking is the only antidote for the secularism that is overtaking both families and our nation.

If you would like to make a gift, you may make a contribution online.

Please know that a special end-of-year gift or regular financial support would truly be a blessing.

If you’d like to communicate with us regarding this opportunity, we would be glad to hear from you. Email us at Info@PilgrimInstitute.org, or call us at (574) 277-1789.


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The Blessings of Liberty

The blessings of liberty in our nation are predicated upon distinctive, Biblical principles. These principles are revealed in our nation’s Christian History and reflected in our Biblical form of government.

As these principles have been forgotten, our nation has drifted from her strong foundation. Since 1979, Pilgrim Institute has offered a continuing training program for individuals desiring to reclaim America’s Christian History and relate a Biblical phosophy of government to every aspect of daily living. This training has demonstrated its effectiveness in the Christian home, the Christian community, and the home or school classroom.

For Schedule and Course Descriptions, visit the Pilgrim Institute website: Pilgrim Institute Training

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Choosing Representatives

Tomorrow offers an opportunity for each American to express himself at the polls in electing those who will then be ruling over us. This opportunity should not be taken lightly, but should be bathed in prayer and seeking His face.

Rev. Thomas Hooker wisely taught the colonists of Connecticut from the passage in Deuteronomy that they should take “wise men, and understanding, and known among your tribes.” These Biblical qualities are still a sound basis for each of us as we seek the right choice for whom we will cast our vote.

Pastor John Robinson instructed the Pilgrims in his letter upon their departure for America to “let your wisdom and godliness appear, not only in choosing such persons as do entirely love and will promote the common good, but also in yielding unto them all due honor and obedience in their lawful administrations; not beholding in them the ordinariness of their persons, but God’s ordinance for your good, not being like the foolish multitude who more honor the gay coat, than either the virtuous mind of the man, or glorious ordinance of the Lord.”

These Pastors words are still a sound basis for each of us as we choose based upon the principles upon which the candidate stands. Are these principles founded upon the principles of the Word of God?

May God, in His wisdom, bless our land by giving us those men and women of leadership who will be making their decisions, not upon that which is politically expedient, but upon the principles of the Word of God.

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A Time of Remembering

A Time of Remembering

by Ruth Smith

God's Providence, Memories, Mother's Day Flowers

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and today has been a day that I have been remembering as mother, daughter, and grandmother.

This morning, I had the joy of watching my oldest granddaughter, Cari Trowbridge, receive her bachelor’s degree from Grace College. Not enough tickets available, but it was great to enjoy the service via online streaming. Last night my second oldest granddaughter, Courtney Trowbridge, received her associate’s degree from college. So it was a time of being a proud grandmother.

This afternoon, I joined my church family in remembering the life of a 16-year old member of our church, Makayla McKenzie, who went home to be with the Lord this week through an automobile accident. I didn’t know this young lady personally but had the joy of watching her contributions as recently as this past Sunday in a musical ensemble and in the recent Passion Play. It was obvious that her life was a tremendous testimony for the Lord wherever she was, whether at school, at church, or at home.

I was particularly touched by her notes from the last week’s youth meeting, which were shared by our youth pastor. Her final notes were: “Do all to the glory of God. The Lord is ready and waiting for me.” Little did she know how soon that time would come.

As I listened to the testimony of this young girl’s life and the loss this family had experienced, I couldn’t help but think how difficult it would be to lose your 16 year old daughter. Then my mind began to bring back many memories from my life.

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