Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations Introduction Video

Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations Introduction Video Link to our special contribution in the Upper Grades Bundle here:  

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Choosing Valuable Online Learning

Choosing Valuable Online Learning by Jeanette Whittaker  If you’re homeschooling through high school, it may be beneficial to find ways for your student to learn from an outside teacher with all the convenience of staying at home. With your guidance and oversight, well-chosen online learning can greatly enrich your student’s homeschool education. Naturally, you’ll be […]

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How to Choose a Character Training Curriculum

How to choose a character training curriculum by Jeanette Whittaker    Thankfully, families within the homeschool community recognize that cultivating the character of their children is a top priority in their homeschooling efforts. The challenge, though, is achieving this goal in daily teaching amidst the challenges of school work, laundry, dishes, care for family members, […]

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Black Friday Save the Date

November is a Time of Thanksgiving and Giving

November is a time of Thanksgiving and giving. It’s also a busy time for the ministry of Pilgrim Institute. Mid-October saw the launch of our newest offering in The Mighty Works of God series, Self-Government with Union.  We were blessed to have so many helpers unload the books!  This year, we’ll be offering something very special […]

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