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Wellesley, Scissors, and My Heavenly Father

Wellesley, Scissors, and My Heavenly Father by Sharon Jaspers Caughill I often wonder at how God must view my daily silliness. He oversees my every moment, so how can He remain so incredibly patient with me? I know myself intimately and I am quite idiotic. Yet God loves me. And in Scripture He, with great […]


A Time of Remembering

A Time of Remembering by Ruth Smith Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and today has been a day that I have been remembering as mother, daughter, and grandmother. This morning, I had the joy of watching my oldest granddaughter, Cari Trowbridge, receive her bachelor’s degree from Grace College. Not enough tickets available, but it was great […]


The Value of a Godly Example, A Tribute to Mothers

by Jeanette Whittaker Most of us keep items which we consider valuable. Some have intrinsic value, others remind us of a significant person or event. I’ve kept a cookbook that was handed down in our family. It’s original title speaks volumes, Portraits of Patriotism and Praise, Precious Promises, and Palatable Recipes. Printed in 1976, it features […]

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