Ruth Smith

President’s Day

  In celebration of President’s Day, enjoy reading Abraham Lincoln’s words regarding George Washington. “…away back in my childhood, the earliest days of my being able to read, I got hold of a small book…[The Life of Washington]. I remember all the accounts there given of the battle fields and struggles for the liberties of […]

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A Tribute to Allen Smith

A Tribute to Allen Smith One of the founders of Pilgrim Institute By Ruth J. Smith On November 20, 1937, a boy was born on the western slope of Colorado. This boy would grow to have an influence on many before the Lord saw fit to take him home on April 9, 1995. Today marks […]

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Ring the Bell for Liberty

Ring the Bell for Liberty with Four Ways to Celebrate Independence Day! Americans gather together with friends and family to celebrate America’s Independence, often with food and fireworks! This Independence Day, you can bring more than just nostalgia to your gathering with four ways to celebrate! Remember Take time to read through first-hand accounts of our […]

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The Mighty Works of God

 The Mighty Works of God  A Providential History Series for the Home and School How can your student love history? “I used the Mighty Works of God for all four of my school-aged kids. The Teacher’s Manual helped me see how to apply the Principle Approach to a lesson. I was able to take the […]

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How do “A Reading People become a Great People”?

How do “A Reading People become a Great People”? Ruth J. Smith In the sermon at church yesterday, the Pastor used Philippians 4:7-8 as the text for his message. His message reminded me and inspired me of the importance of reading, first the Word of God and then other good writings. As I considered this […]

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